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  Proyecto EA: advanced and efficient management of operations and international tenders

Proyecto EA (Affiliated Enterprises) is the 5ingor’s solution for advanced efficient management of international operations, offers and tenders for 5ingor’s exporters clients in cooperation with local partners of the target market.

Proyecto EA works as a commercial and operations just in time department resulting from the sum of the following resources:

Company: resources of the international exporting company interested in the tender or operation.
Specialized resources of the target market: staff provided by 5ingor.
Local resources: partners, suppliers and sales staff selected and known by 5ingor.

Proyecto EA offers exporters a highly effective functionality for advanced management of proposals and operations in target markets without a sufficient trading and operational structure, but with capability to achieve it “Ad Hoc” thanks to 5ingor’s help.

To make this possible, 5ingor takes advantage of its expertise, contacts and relations portfolio gained by its often working activity abroad. Follows a productive and structured working system developed by organization engineering which allows the synergy and ordered interaction of companies.

It currently serves in Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria, where 5ingor’s cooperation system counts on local affiliated enterprises.

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