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Outsourcing-5i: just in time back & front office outsourcing service to develop business and export projects

Outsourcing-5i is the 5ingor’s outsourcing service to develop, foster and support business projects, trading dynamics, export and internationalization. This “front & back office” & “just in time” specialized outsourcing solution offers a great advantage by providing:

• Engineers and consultants jointly working with client’s team.
• Working strength by knowing the fields of activity deeply.
• Qualification, experience, hard work and commitment.
• Resources, knowledge and contacts in the local area.
• Focus on the business services and solutions needed (front & back office).
• Level of involvement fulfilling client’s expectations (for a certain service to a complete outsourcing).
• Presence wherever needed our services (multi-zone).
• And whenever needed (just in time).
• Accordance with a joint Business Plan developed at the beginning of each period.
• Expandable, variable and rejectable Plan according to its evolution and impact on the market.
• Execution of tasks as a team by following a collaborative working process.
• Maximum execution quote set at the beginning of each period.
• Possibility to reduce fixed costs in exchange for variable costs depending on goals and sales.
• Efficiency of the internationalization “just in time” in costs.
• First introduction of your company to the market by counting on advanced steps already initiated.
• Stimulation of your experience curve avoiding mistakes caused by the lack of awareness.
• Adaptability of our fully competent organization engineering consulting company.
• Wide vision, professionalism and strong result-oriented culture.

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