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  5ingor Consultores: business management engineering

5ingor Consultores is a spanish management engineering company offering advanced consulting, services and outsourcing since 2003. Experts in business organization and national and international development for clients -both companies and public bodies- on the following areas and services:

• Organization: organization, HR and management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000.
• Expansion: strategy, marketing, trading, front & back office outsourcing and internationalization.
• Operations: advanced management, international tenders, purchasing engineering and trading.
• Collective scope: plans, development and cooperation for public bodies, regions and sectors.

Services operates and upgrades using innovative solutions for business management engineering:

• Outsourcing-5i: just in time outsourcing service to develop and foster trading and export projects.
• EA Maghreb Services: Spain - Maghreb platform for business, cooperation and advanced trading.
• Proyecto EA (Affiliated Enterprises): managing operations and international tenders by cooperation.
• Administración-5i: high efficiency in public projects for the economic development.

Formed by an outstanding professional and multinational team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and consultants, and from its head office in Spain and branches in Northern Africa, 5ingor consolidates as a strong benchmark in business projects development for companies of Spain and the Maghreb countries.

5ingor Consultores · T: +34 950 043 322 · Skype: consultores5ingor · · Aviso legal