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  EA Maghreb Services: Spain - Maghreb platform for business, cooperation and advanced trading

EA Maghreb Services is the 5ingor’s platform for business cooperation and suply concentration to trading interaction Spain - Maghreb. It operates in Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia. Over 10 different fields of activity and 150 groups of articles and services. It offers these services for importers and exporters clients:

• Importers: international purchasing engineering services.
• Exporters: advanced international trading services.

Linking operations between companies known by 5ingor, a refined working methodology, a multinational and professional highly specialized team and the precision of organization engineering with such a wide experience on the different markets.

Importers: application of the 5ingor’s basic services of trading engineering

• Tailored purchase of offers selected from the numerous exporters list of the Platform (more than 600).
• Improvement of client’s suppliers portfolio for products in which they lack of a solvent offer.
• Diversification of activity with products, services and technology of international enterprises.

Exporters: advanced international trading services

• Permanent link between exporters and importers of the trading engineering service.
• Trading management of sales information, bids, operation and monitoring.
• Negotiation of sale and product delivery conditions.
• Reception and presentation of trading samples.
• Simultaneous interpreting in physical meetings, via telephone, Skype or other means.
• Localized staff and accompaniment in trading meeting and closings.
• Technical back up in logistics, customs, documentation, finance, insurance and trading risks.
• Preferential conditions for logistic, transport and transitory operators as well as for customs agents.
• Preferential conditions on financial, legal and insurance services for exporting.
• Preferential conditions on packaging designing and marketing tailored documentation services.

More information:

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