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  Administración-5i: highly efficient public projects for the economic development of clusters, sectors and regions

Administración-5i is the supporting solution for public bodies used to carry out studies, plans, designs and executions of highly efficient projects for economic development of professional groups, companies, sectors and regions. It provides a unique offer combination at technical and communicative level. This solution focuses on the tailored design of projects, the achievement of the perfect practical results and their proper dissemination:

• Strategy and organization studies and plans.
• Studies, plans and projects for economic development, modernization and internationalization.
• Business cooperation systems and operations for clusters, sectors and regions.
• Marketing, commercial, media, public relations and advertising campaigns and performances.
• Sessions, meetings, events, exhibitions, missions, journals, webs and business publications.

5ingor’s main values are:

• Broad vision: of a engineering consulting company focusing on innovation and project development.
• Business expertise: with over 400 operations executed with clients from all economy sectors.
• Diversification: competence in strategy, organization, HR, marketing, media, commerce, international...
• Leading cooperation: by integrating an own operation system with international scope from 2008.
• Entrepreneurial culture: company started by entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial projects background.
• Communication: domain of media and specialists in public presentations and audience motivation.

But mainly, 5ingor counts on an outstanding record of successful cases in public projects for the economic development of public bodies, foundations and public companies in Spain, Maghreb and Mexico.

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